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The amazing team behind all our online ideas, Chris and Caroline.

After the excitement of last week, it's been a much calmer week at the farm this week, well, in terms of extra activity going on anyway. It's always busy with so many animals to feed. It's at least been perfect timing to get some animal feed in from Wynnstay, get Oreo helping with more rounds of hay and have a few sheep rush hours.

We've had more rush hours with the sheep, as well as reverse rush hours, with the weather improving and a few dryer days for our sheep to head outside and get some fresh grass. It is still a little cold and damp under foot though, so we're not quite ready to leave them out with the rest of the flock just yet. We're really looking forward to everything drying up though and getting more animals outside before too long as long as the weather lets us. We know our cows would be so happy to be in the field again.

Getting more animals out of the barn will of course make more room for some new arrivals which we hope will start to arrive soon. You might remember we are still waiting on some kid goats, but with July holding on anything could happen. There are a couple more weeks until we find out if our emu eggs hatch as well as a few goose eggs from Caroline. Whatever happens though, we'll inevitably have some chicks and ducklings over the coming weeks.

We did have one new arrival this week though, a little bantam chick. Chris had to step in and help the little one hatch on Thursday and I'm really happy to say it's doing well. We haven't named the chick just yet, but we'll be letting the winner of Chris' quiz choose a name today, so keep a lookout for more news of that on our social media if you want to put a name forward.

As I mentioned before in a previous blog, we're looking at different ways to get you all involved in the farm. While we still need more time to work on a few other ideas, our quiz is taking another step forward with a trial taking place today. The quiz hopefully gives you a fun way to interact with the farm, support us, put your farm knowledge to the test and maybe even win a prize. The prizes today will be to name our bantam chick and one of Caroline's beautiful mugs, and in future there will be some special shoutouts and even more merchandise up for grabs. We hope the quiz will be ready for 19:00 (GMT) today, we'll be sharing the link on our social media channels.

Casey's last farm visit, he can't wait to get back.

You don't have to have a quiz brain to support us though, or even sponsor our animals through Patreon. You can actually support us just by doing your usual online shopping, it's so simple that sometimes even I forget about it. If you shop on Amazon, you can find us on Amazon Smile and by shopping through Smile we get a small percentage from eligible purchases without any extra cost to you. Plus, you can find a whole host of other retailers offering the same by shopping through their link on Easy Fundraising. Some offer fantastic donations for charities and all for purchases you were already making, so it's worth checking out if you'd like to support us or another listed charity close to your heart.

We've been having a few more messages about people supporting us in person or returning to the farm more recently as well. We love that we have some great supporters out there willing to give their time up, but with breakout space limited and our focus being everyone's safety, we are still reviewing all of our options. As and when restrictions allow we will of course look to open for some tours to let a few of you come and say hello to us and our animals and we'll let you know when these can be booked. For now though, our main focus is getting a few of our placements back in working with us, especially now we have Claire to help guide their work and get the most out of their time with us.

I think that's everything for this week, keep watching though, there really is so much more to come and Chris, Caroline and I hope you enjoy it. For now I want to say thank you to everyone for watching and sharing the farm. We're so happy that you've been enjoying our live feeds both in the morning and afternoon and can't wait to share a little more with you. Casey and I of course can't wait to get a little more involved in sharing the farm with you too, and we do have a few more working visits required, so keep a look out for us. For now though, we'll mostly continue to support the farm and the many ideas of Chris and Caroline from home with me getting more pregnant by the day. They are doing an amazing job, we couldn't be more proud of our team and their ideas and we're enjoying watching along with you. 

Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy 


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