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My latest addition to the farm team

Life is often full of surprises and being a project focussed on animals and children, we've had our fair share at the farm. That said, I certainly wasn't prepared for everything we had in store this week. A week all about kids which turned into something extra special for our farm family.

After Lucy's twin kid goats arrived on Monday, Lily and Lois, we'd jokingly debated who would be next to give birth, myself or Lucky the goat. While I would have put money on Lucky being next, a tired Chris returned to the farm on Wednesday morning, following location issues for the rush hour, to bring Lucky's arrivals into the world live with the support of Claire. Well done Claire on your fantastic midwifery skills.

That's right, I beat Lucky to it. Chris' location issues were down to me after he came to save the night and look after Farmer Casey in the early hours of the morning. Turns out his lack of sleep and ability to keep calm workout well when it comes to human births too. That and his special bond with Farmer Casey made a time that could have been super stressful for me as a mum leaving my upset big boy in the early hours of the morning, something that I think both Casey and I will look back on and smile. We can't thank Chris enough for dropping everything, even at just after midnight on a Wednesday morning, and losing yet more sleep to be with us. He's a real hero.

After being reassured my Farmer Casey was sleeping and happy to have his Grampy by his side, I had a quick delivery. Dexter Henry arrived at 3:36am on 5 May after me only just being in hospital for a couple of hours. Dexter's content ways might not have lasted and he has me awake for more hours than I care to admit, but I'm beyond happy to have my second little boy here in my arms for my Birthday today.

While we were all recovering from Dexter's early arrival, Chris still had to get on with work at the farm, including another Dotty Club. It might take a lot of energy to run, but it's always worth it to see so many smiling happy young faces enjoying the farm and the animals. All while having a few extra week day placements in getting the farm back on track. A big well done to Claire this week for her work in helping manage our other placements outside of the club.

Plus Chris has been working hard on a whole new set of ideas to keep you all close to the farm too. We're of course developing Patreon where you get exclusive farm content in return for your support, we already brought you Taz and Chip, extra rush hours and now keep an eye out for a Dexter special. Then there's the Dotty Club, content especially for our younger viewers, and we are so excited to keep developing this. It's early days so far, but we hope to have a whole new suite of fun and educational videos online over the coming months.

Chris with the next generation of farmers

Then of course there's the animals who have kept us busy with more kid goats arriving this week. Thankfully though, all else has been calm despite the unseasonably cold weather. When the weather finally settles we are really hoping to let more of our animals into the great outdoors. I know our cows are itching to be back out in the field. Until then we're working on fencing because once the animals are out, our barn can finally have a big clear out.

Considering I'd not planned to write a blog this week, I'll leave it there, but I just had to write to say a big thank you. All of your well wishes for Dexter, Casey, my husband Mark and myself have been amazing. I might not have been able to respond to you all, but I've read all of your messages and comments and have been blown away by how many of you have said congratulations. Though it's still early days with my latest little farmer, I already can't wait to introduce him to the farm and have him join the team. I just hope he'll be like his big brother when it comes to the animals, or anything else really, Farmer Casey makes me beyond proud.

We'll be looking at different ways to keep you updated now Dexter is here so keep a look out for updates on that too. 

Happy Mothers Day to everyone celebrating today, Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy 

A Year Without A Spring

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