Can you help the Caenhill Countryside Centre by donating any of the following items?

Paint - both gloss and emulsion suitable for interior and exterior use.

Guttering - lots needed for the barn and outbuildings.

Water butts - for collecting water which will be used for the animals, chickens and watering plants in dry weather.

Wood - new or old - to make shelving, cupboards and numerous other items.

Old towels - for use with the animals, as paint rags etc.

Plants - seasonal.  Tree saplings native to the UK.

Cement and Ballast - general building and repair work.

Pig arks - we are intending having some pigs and they will also be used as lamb shelters in the fields.

Garden furniture - for use in the barn and outside in good weather. 

Fencing, posts and wire - general use around the farm.

Chicken wire - used for both the chicken areas and for general use.

Garden tools - forks, spades, trowels - all needed for use around the farm and will be available for use on the allotments.

Wheelbarrows - a barrow with two wheels in the front would be very useful - especially for those with mobility difficulties or for children and young people as this barrow is more stable.  Otherwise wheelbarrows in general required for use around the farm.

Old warm coats - for visitors who need a warmer coat than the one they arrive in!

Umbrellas - for those visitors who have come unprepared for wet weather and want to walk around the farm.

Wellingtons - animals leave their mark on the ground and can be wet and muddy at times.  We are collecting "wellies" for those to borrow who may need them when visiting.