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I can't believe we're at another weekly update already. I hope you've had a good week. Casey and I have been trying to take a little bit of time out to get organised, and I'm hopeful for some time to recharge our batteries. All while Chris, Caroline and Helie have been working hard and looking at ideas to share more from the farm with you. I really...
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Weekly Roundup 17 May 2020

It's been another busy week at the farm and Casey and I have been watching along with you between sleepless nights thanks to a bit of a sleep regression, so the farm videos are really keeping us going too. But, sleep or no sleep, we're still here helping the team in any way that we can in the background and looking after your lovely shoutout reques...
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Weekly Roundup 10 May 2020

I don't think Chris and Caroline made it obvious at all that it was my Birthday yesterday, so I was really surprised to have so many lovely Birthday messages. But seriously, thank you so much to everyone in our wonderful CaenhillCC community who wished me a Happy Birthday, you are all fantastic. Thanks to you all my day felt so much more special. I...
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Weekly Roundup 3 May 2020

Hello, I hope you've all had a good week. Despite the changeable weather we've had here in Wiltshire, Casey and I had good a one. I've been moving Casey up to a big boy's bed, so I'm sorry I've been a little slower to reply to your shutouts over the last few days, we've just been updating his room to try and tempt him to stay in there longer betwee...
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Weekly Roundup 26 April 2020

We're at the end of another week and it's been a tiring one this week. Casey and I have been struggling with routine a bit this week, and we've had some random wake ups to deal with. But I can't complain, especially with Chris, Caroline and Helie working all hours to continue to get our animals out in their summer homes. If you've been joining the ...
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Get growing

Here at the farm we're super pleased to share with you that we've teamed up with Paul Jupp from Meadow in my Garden to get the nation growing. No, we're not asking you to devour your whole chocolate stash, you can't blame us for that one, we want to get you growing sunflowers. If you followed the farm on social media last year, you'll know that sun...
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Weekly Roundup 19 April 2020

We're back again for another weekly roundup from the Caenhill CC farm, I can't believe it's been another week already. While the team at the farm have been busy with new arrivals, Casey and I have been getting outside and doing some gardening, thankfully it takes a while to get any done so we've got plenty to keep us going. In between gardening we'...
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Weekly Roundup 12 April 2020

While Casey and I have been missing being a part of the hard work at the farm, we realised something, so much is happening on the farm right now, even with just a small team. Though we're behind the scenes helping with the social media, planning in shout outs, sharing pictures and whatever else we can do, sometimes even we forget what has happened....
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Going Live

It might be the countdown to Easter, but at the farm Chris, Caroline and Helie are currently really busy getting ready for Spring. There's been a lot of fencing to sort to get our animals out in the fields and regular checks on the sheep as we should be seeing more lambs arrive soon. But the difference this Spring is that we're having to get all of...
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Duck dancing

If you are a regular follower of CaenhillCC on our social media channels you will have no doubt seen our ducks dancing. They don't quite have moves like John Travolta, but they do a pretty good job. But the question is, why do they dance? No we aren't secretly playing music to them, it's actually because ducks are real flirts. Those sweet little he...
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