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Found at Caenhill Countryside Centre- and Happy Christmas

I've found a few interesting things at Caenhill since I started volunteering. I've found a horse shoe, pieces of china and more pieces of black plastic than I could imagine. I've found skulls and skills, beauty, variety, inspiration and peace. I've found that after several years out of the workplace I can commit to being somewhere and doing something - whatever the weather. I've found new friends, satisfaction and purpose via a possibly over-consuming hobby. I've learned that there is probably nothing that a hungry lamb won't try eating.

The pace of change at Caenhill is steady and relentless. Every idea and every fresh start from the smallest chick to the largest pond is nurtured and grown. Synergies are found and every asset fully used. I loved the symmetry of a cold wet evening spent taking photos in the rain in Bath (I'd never have even thought of doing this before Chris introduced me to photography at the centre), followed by the most wonderful pair of Caenhill rescue hen eggs, fried on toast when I got home, starving.

So what I really wanted to say was Thank you to Helie and Chris, for setting this up and for sharing your project, lives and skills with so many of us. Thank you to all the volunteers who are making such a huge difference, a day at a time, and on a personal level,thank you to everyone who has been so positive about the photos that I take for the project. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year. I look forward to seeing what 2015 brings to Caenhill Countryside Centre, and vice versa!

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