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IMG7518Cuthbert our famous goose. 

Hatched 26th May 2016 by a duck who rejected him.
Spent first few hours of his life up my (chris) sleeve hence name cuff-bert
Partner Owen (Owenia) who was hatched at the farm May 2018
Favourite food. Carrot, Lettuce, Apple and mixed corn.

 Cuthbert leads the way on the rush hour. 

Their is a Cuthbert auction of an original painting by Caroline Le Bourgeois. Caroline painted the picture using one of Cuthberts feathers and the money raised will go towards the charity and its work in England and Kenya. 

IMG8988Follow for the Cuthbert Auction on ebay

Cuthbert has his own song.
The Cuthbert song written and performed by Chloe Jordan.  Mixed by Pete Lamb with sax by Derek Head. 

All money raised will go towards the Caenhill Countryside Centre Charity 

The Cuthbert Song by Chloe Jordan available on >

Itunes  >  Itunes Cuthbert the Goose

 Apple Music

Amazon - Cuthbert the Goose 
 Also on other platforms search for Chloe Jordan and let us know where you found it. 
More photos and video of Cuthbert very soon.

For media enquiries contact Kara at


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Caenhill CC

Caenhill CC

Good night from Cuthbert and my animal team thanks for your kind words. To see Caroline & I check out @Chattyfarmercc see you at rush hour #cuthbertthegoose #goodnight #staysafe @caro_painter
Caenhill CC

Caenhill CC

Hay time and the adventures of Tik the kid goat #tikthekidgoat #cows #hayfeeding
Caenhill CC

Caenhill CC

Patrick settling in well though Wilson seems to have her moment of fame #patricktherooster #wilsonthecat #farmstory @caro_painter


Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

‪Goose evening, sweet dreams, keep safe see you at rush hour #gooseevening #cuthbertthegoose
Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

‪Our lamb called Bob who says hay, hay, milk #bobthelamb #animalfuntime‬
Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

‪Smudge & Catoline hard at work, thanks Caroline, Helie & John & Clare for your help with animal care in difficult times #smudgethecat #catoline @caroline.le.bourgeois