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Birthday Wall

Thank you for your interest in our project, if you’re looking to arrange a birthday plaque . Simply fill out the form below and we’ll do the rest. 
Don't forget to select which team you want to be in (Its just for fun) Team Caroline is Apple,  Team Chris is Banana, Team Carrot is Kara and Casey.

We will process each request we receive as soon as possible and we’ll do our very best to print ASAP. Just make sure you give us plenty of notice to help us along the way if you want your plaque to appear on a certain day.

To qualify for one name on our wall plaques.

Its free if you have been a patreon for over a year. Every year you can add an extra name.
Its free if you are a patreon of Caroline or Kara.
If a patreon for less than a year its a minimum donation of £10
If not a patreon its a minimum of £20 

Kara Robertson PR manager Kara Robertson PR manager

 You can donate via paypal  the charity donation (no fees) 

 To become a patron (sponsor an animal, Caroline or Kara)     


CaenhillCC Birthday Wall

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Your personal details & feedback will not be shared with any 3rd party. We will respond in 2 working days.
Alternatively feedback by e-mail: helie@caenhillcc.org.uk *smile*





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