Now what would be your reason for volunteering? 

Making new friends, working in a great outdoor place, knowing that you can help to keep the project going and animals fed, bedded up and cared for with the work and time you put in. 

Is there any other reason to volunteer?


The current COVID-19 situation has had a great deal of impact on the amount of support the Caenhill Countryside Centre has received or been able to link with.

NOTE – please check government updates regularly as these are changing times and new information is regularly added. Please DO NOT rely purely on this document.
Please cal to arrange a visit and follow our COVID-19 rules when entering the farm. 

This document can be used as a checklist of considerations when looking for volunteering opportunities .

The Caenhill Countryside Centre welcomes volunteers from all walks of life.  Our team work benefits from those  who love getting involved in every level of our work.  It could be painting, moving bales, mucking out, helping with animal care, helping with children or group visitors as they enjoy their day here. 

It is also good to have support with our events, fundraising opportunities and outside links to the project. 

There are lots of ways you can help and you don’t need volunteering experience. If you have the time, commitment or knowledge to share, we’ll do our best to work with you to help us, develop your interests and skills network, and hope we work with you to enjoy your time, at a time to please you and to help us when we need it      

Practicalities of Volunteering with CaenhillCC        

Here are just some of the opportunities where our project volunteers can help 

What can you volunteer for?

Ideas - maintenance roles - electrical, plumbing, fencing, repairs, clean up and weeding of entrances/ pathways / workshops, painting 

Gardening roles - weeding, planting, pruning, watering, tidying areas, digging, garden machinery , compost bins, 

Animal Care roles - These are mainly done by our students though there are opportunities to help. Looking for people to use their skills in looking after our animals.

Farmer roles - fencing, ditching , making pens, feed / water solutions, lifting of heavy items, digging 

If you would like to join us, support our team, offer some help then please get in touch. contact@caenhillcc.org.uk

How can groups get involved?

The Caenhill Countryside Centre project welcomes people from many walks of life, many age groups, and differing interests. 

Perhaps you would like to come along to learn more about the countryside or to help with a day of teamwork volunteering.

School and Young People's Groups

We are keen to welcome school groups to the Caenhill Countryside Centre. We work with the teachers and team to prepare a full hands on experience to enhance and encourage their learning. We link with the school project , develop a programme of activities and keep everyone on board through their time here.

Young People’s Groups

We have welcomed many young people and helped them achieve for their own personal project, and we can help young people with:

Our countryside centre is a caring learning centre many have described as a healing farm. The calm of the countryside and animals makes it a relaxing centre where we can all Learn with Nature. 

Youth Leader Awards, Brownie badges, Scout badges, Rainbow’s awards and much more. 

We work with leaders to give the groups a worthwhile time and achievement. It must also fit in with the work time of the project and the supervision time required.

Some groups may wish to come and do a group volunteering session which we can help with.


If you would like to join us, support our team, offer some help then please get in touch. contact@caenhillcc.org.uk

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