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MURDER most fowl


9 June 2018  7.00pm   – 10.30pm – Tickets £10
  location : Caenhill  Countryside Centre
Video below show some of the cast and a few clues, just press play  *smile*

Can you solve the crime that will carry out on the night and work out who did it and to whom at Wisit Manor? A mixture of Agatha Christie and a Carry On.
During the evening you will, interview the suspects & potential victims, view potential exhibits, see shocking videos and read statements written by the suspects of what they have been up to with whom. At the end of the whodunit all will be revealed as to who was the victim and who was guilty of the crime. Its an adult whodunit with lots of twists, shocks and fun.
Dress code can include – farmer or farming connection, equestrian, servant, detective, gambler, gangster, vicar,  tart or even a suspect.

Tickets are £10 which includes a BBQ (please let us know if your vegetarian or vegan)
Bring your own drink

Tickets £10 per person. Teams of four
If you do not have a team of four we can put you into a team.
Order your tickets from any of the CaenhillCC team or email




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