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COVID-19 update  10 January 2021.
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Chris Franklin: Contact for Rescue animals, animal care, group visits, talks, social media, donations 07 816 816 125
Kara Robertson: Contact for press, media, photographs, social media shoutouts 

Helie Franklin. Contact for school placements, school visits, DofE, care home visits, volunteering, Sponsorship

mobile  07 837 568 699  
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CaenhillCC private shouts outs

 Greetings, looking for something a bit special for someone you love special occasion or maybe to cheer them up?


You can request a personalised messages from your favourite(s) animals at the farm with Chris and Caroline.
Recordings are between 3-minutes and 5 minutes, some cases longer if Cuthbert gets his way. You can add details to our form so we can make it very personalised and funny if required. (example on the right) 
The video will feature the persons favourite animals and of course some treats.
Cuthbert,Coco & Eli our donkeys, Ken the rooster our cats Alfie or kittens Violet. Maybe our gosling Benedict? Daisy the cow or Trigger the pig maybe even Rodney and Del the Emus can send your message in a special way. It could be for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, engagement, congratulations or just a special thank you to a loved one. 

All we ask in return is that you make a donation to CaenhillCC  of at least £25 or 30$ to help continue the work we do and further develop our farm project or a gift from our amazon wish list to the same value or above.

 Please fill in the form below or contact Kara for more details. 

 send an email to kara at 


CaenhillCC private shoutout

    Chris, Kara, Caroline & Cuthbert *smile* 




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